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Get Involved

Join us

Want to Join us, Its easy, come to the club for a few weeks see what we do, get involved and if you like it, we will invite you to make it more formal and become a full member.

What does it cost ?

Like everything in life, being a member has a cost attached, currently Full membership is a very reasonable £60 a year, Just over a £1 per week, this is reviewed annually by the committee.

What happens when I join ?

After a few weeks of visits, if you feel you would like to continue and become a full member, we will be give you a membership form, once completed and returned along with your initial payment, you will be regarded as a full member. Simple! 

As you will have already been introduced to a buddy when you first joined us, this member should continue to support you over the next few months introducing you other members, getting you involved in general club life, of course you might not want to do that, you might just want to chill out a read a railway book of two from our extensive collection.
Of course, that is fine too. Above all we want you to feel comfortable, welcomed.  Click on the "email" icon at the top of the page to send us an email.

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