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SM32 16mm Narrow Gauge

Welcome to Pebblestone the terminus of the CWAF railway located not far from the sea, Trains trundle into the station from behind the engine shed, the small station catering for the dwindling number of passengers that use the line on a regular basis, with both passenger and goods traffic will be seen, but as with many narrow gauge lines the railway is in decline, The busy engine shed repairing wagons or locos, wagons being moved around as required and as you will see Pebblestone is quite a busy place. Almost every piece of rolling stock and building is scratch built, can you work out how many hand cut bricks we used to build the buildings? Alan, is a master scratch builder, having built all the structures on the layout, these can be seen in the pictures to the right hand of this page. 

The layout was recently extended to add an interesting feature, the traverser at the end, rather than a large turntable, we thought we could do something different, overall, the layout also shows just what can be achieved in such a large scale in a relatively small space.

This layout has been a long time in gestation, but finally we are making progress, whatever that means!
we welcome members to join us, especially if you have an interest in 16mm Scale Narrow Gauge models, both battery, radio controlled and live steam.


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