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Flatford Road Gasworks

OO Gauge DCC

The OO Gauge group have embarked on a new project, fully DCC and using JMRI as well, the layout is called "Flatford Road Gasworks" based very loosely on a plan one of our members produced of the old Gasworks & Malthouse at Brentwood, modellers license applies here as space limitations always get in the way. Baseboards have been sourced from Grainge & Hodder in the West Midlands, being laser cut for absolute accuracy giving us a secure and stable base to work with. 

The build is already underway and you can follow the progress here and on our social media feed, It is hoped to have at least some of the layout operational with some place holder basic buildings for our next show in August 2024, but with any layout build its not guaranteed, its a very tight schedule for such a large undertaking, but we will do our best! and it is our intention to add to the images below to show progress as progress is made.

You too could also become involved by joining the club, pop over to the contact us page to arrange a visit. 

Even more progress!

Thursday 9th May, Its been a while since we posted last, but we thought we would update where we are at, so much has been happening, besides the bank holiday the same small team have been busy bevering away down the clubhouse, continuing with the track laying, both curves are now completed, wiring is underway on those. The scenic section is taking a large number of hours to get completely right as it is critical that alignments are perfect for reliable running, as you can see in the pictures below, we have made some big advances, the fiddle yard track is in place, although not secured as yet, that job will happen right after the scenic section track is completed.

Scenic section progress!

Thursday 11th April, a small team down the clubhouse, continued work on the track laying, completing the first curve between the scenic section and the fiddle yard, this section has taken a number of hours to get completely right and is critical for reliable running, with this end done, the guys will move to the other end and repeat the works there, once this is completed we will be able to be erect the end boards independently of the fiddle yard and scenic sections, for extensive testing. This evening even saw the first DCC powered loco running on the track, the fiddle yard track is somewhat dirty and has now been cleaned but the initial tests look very encouraging as everything worked as expected.

First Track down!

Thursday 28th March saw a small team down the clubhouse, starting work on laying track, deciding to start on the most challenging bit first, the interface between the scenic section and one of the curve boards, this area is critical to be correct and it underpins the bigger picture. Which is that the end circular boards will when completed be able to be erected independently of the fiddle yard and scenic sections. The primary Gas Holder is slowly taking shaped as is part of the main retort, the chimney, there is a very long way to go with the structures and whilst these are underway we hope to bring you regular progress updates as we go....

Underlay on the curved boards nearly completed!

Monday 11th March saw the underlay on the curved boards being cut, glued and laid, the work on the primary Gasholder has started. Only 11 more sides to go. Once main frame built, cylinders come next then finishing touches such as hand rails and top tension wiring, all the track for the scenic section has now been acquired and is ready to be laid once the track on the 6 curved boards is done, we have decided to do that first, so we theoretically have a circle completed that members can start using in the next few weeks, this will help with the members giving there DCC stock a run, hopeful ironing out any running issues as we go....

Trackwork build continues

Monday 4th March saw the trackwork build continue and as we said on the last update "success of any track are its underpinnings", we continued to lay underlay, as you will see in the pictures. More building have appeared and some fettling needed to be undertaken, So, the fiddle boards have been fitted with there underlay, just the curve boards to go.