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Thorpe Green


Building on the valuable lessons learned from the group's first ever layout build as new members of the club with "Poynters Lane", the group have decided to retire and recycle everything that can be reused and implement those lessons into a new project.

So, our new project "Thorpe Green" is a larger layout and will feature multiple automated movements, using full computer automation with DCC controlled by JMRI software. It is anticipated that much of the initial build will be completed by the time our show comes around in August 2024, we hope to have a running layout, but there is a long way to go.

We have vacancies for N Gauge members, if your interested you too could become involved by joining the club, pop over to the contact us page to arrange a visit.

Update 08-04-2024

Turntable Time.

This evening we made progress with the turntable which will be controlled by a nema17 stepper motor and an arduino microcontroller. The ultimate aim is for it to be part of an automated sequence driven by JMRI. 

Update 04-03-2024

We are on Track!.

So moving on from our last update, we have been making good progress with the lower level track laying, infact we are nearly finished with the lower tier... then the fun starts!!

Update 12-02-2024

Starting on the track laying

So this time, having set out the plan, we move on the actually making it, You will see that the turntable hole has been cut and this first cork laid, this runs up to the first board joint where copper clad pads have been installed. We have continued and the lower level cork has been completed, and very nice it looks too, it will be a real shame to cover it really. But cover it we must, and we have started with the first section of track being laid. 

Update 29-11-2023

Setting out our plan.

So this time, we have been setting out the plan for the lower level of the layout, pre printed sheets of A4 paper had been printed from the master plan, these were painstakingly stitched together by the team to give and overall impression of where everything is planned to go. There has already been one small modification due to a rouge support clashing with a track, but this has been addressed now. 

Update 21-11-2023

Baseboards and Support

Thorpe Green baseboards and support/transport infrastructure arrives in the clubhouse, being placed on the first floor the guys get straight on with the work of assembly. Moving quickly on to the painting and bolting up the two halves of the layout.


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