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About Us

Fantastic, you have found our website, that must mean you are interested in model railways, so a great start so far. 

Our aim is to promote model railways and its associated hobbies as a valuable and fulfilling pastime, whatever the scale or gauge you might be interested in, you are bound to find someone who has a similar interest, be you an expert or a novice, you are sure to find much of interest, maybe inspiring you to join in or even teach others new ideas.

Each year we hold our Annual Exhibition, where we gather together many exhibits, traders under one roof to entertain our visitors.
Click HERE to visit our exhibition page.

We have taken great care in constructing our website to make your visit a pleasant experience and we hope will answer some basic questions. We do hope it provides just a little inspiration to join us. You are assured of a warm welcome at our club, so if you have an interest in model railways, of course we invite you to join us, your comments and questions on any aspect of the club are always welcomed and we will be pleased to discuss membership options at any time.

Our Story

The Club was formed in the early 1970’s by a handful of British Railways employees who were also model railway enthusiasts, who made an approach to management of British Rail at the time and asked if there was any space available on any of the stations. They were offered space in Shoeburyness Station and after a short while the club was born, as news of a model railway club became known, interest grew from model railway enthusiasts whom were not employees of BR, a request was made to the Management to allow members of the general public to join and over the subsequent years membership gradually increased with the club gaining members from all walks of life. Membership carried on increasing and decreasing as the years went by, but has remained fairly constant at about 30 members. In the early 2000's we left said goodbye to our station home and purchased our own site, built our own clubhouse. We do count ourselves very lucky to be in this very fortunate position.
We have members who model in Z gauge, N gauge, OO gauge, O Gauge, SM32 narrow gauge, OO9 Narrow gauge, garden railways, electric, clockwork and live steam, all of different scales and gauges. We have a test track consisting of N gauge, OO gauge (in two and three rail) combined O gauge and G Scale which are all extensively used, added to this there are currently four layouts in various stages of construction. 

The membership of Shoeburyness Model Railway continues to increase and can only get better. It might encourage a few more people with a like interest after reading this to join a club such as ours. The club meets every Monday evening at a time of about 7.30 PM till you get fed up. There are no restrictions to gender, ethnicity etc, lady members are welcome to join and we do have a number of ladies in the club already. If you want to find out more about the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club continue looking at our website which you are already doing, you find all the information that you will need., where we are located, email contact details. We of course welcome visitors, please feel free to come along on a Monday evening to the club house.
Please email so we can give you instructions on how to reach us.

We look forward to meeting you.



Get in touch with today to arrange a visit to the club, 

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