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Flatford Road

OO Gauge analogue layout

Thundersley was originally the station boards of the SMRC Modular Layout, name by the member who built it is the first place, and used to live in Thundersley, it used to be the main control area for the original OO Gauge Modular layout.
This section of the modular layout had remained packed away in storage for well over 10years, until it was busted out of jail. Unpacked, assembled and checked over, a plan sort of appeared for some mild refurbishments due to age related wear n tear.
The layout became Flatford Road - after a number of members of our OO Gauge group got together and decided to turn what was part of a larger layout into a layout in its own right. They have been very busy undertaking this work, constructing a small fiddle board to the rear of the layout, and two return loop boards at each end, so that it could also be run in the club room. The pictures in the gallery will testify, yet it still retains it's identity as a module that can be utilised at a later time. 

We have a very active group and support each other in other projects too, Feel free to get in touch

This layout has been permanently retired

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