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Poynters Lane

N Gauge Digital Layout

This layout has been permanently retired

Set in a small town, a small country terminus station and goods yard are at the left of a road bridge. Passenger trains appear through the bridge and pull into the terminus station platform where their carriages are uncoupled from the locomotive. The train will then move down the track past the points, triggering them to change. Once changed the locomotive manoeuvres back past the station on the run round loop. It halts whilst a second set of points change again, allowing the locomotive to move gently into the station and connect the rear of the carriages.
When ready the locomotive and carriages move back on the return journey and through the railway bridge. A similar manoeuvre will occur when goods trains arrive and manoeuvre into the goods yard.

Layout History:
Often old layouts no longer required by enthusiasts for one reason or another are donated to the Club. This original was donated in a very basic layout with just the track laid down. Some of the clubs N-gauge members have decided to use the layout to demonstrate an automated DCC working example using inexpensive control devices. The challenges they need to overcome are to detect locomotive movement, change points and uncouple wagons and carriages all automatically using JMRI software.

We have chosen the name ‘Poynters Lane’ and although fictional, it is actually the name of a country lane in Shoeburyness. 


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