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Rotary Hills

N Gauge Analogue

Set between two hills, a small country station and goods yard are at the junction of two lines.  At the higher level you will be able to view trains passing across a bridge in the distance. Whilst at the low level trains will burst from hillside tunnels, the tracks merge before passing into the single platform station.
The village, a tight location at the foot of the valley and the junctions between lines has made it necessary to shunt goods through the platform from a parallel siding. At at times this through siding also serves as a bypass around the station. 
Look out for the story of life in the village, the church and in the hills.


Layout History:
Formally a layout built by the Club to be raffled of by the Rotary Club to raise funds for there causes, the layout was won at our Annual Exhibition. The original winner and owner of some 30 years ago has returned the layout to club. It has now being modified and updated for exhibition work. 
This work has revealed numerous problems, which the team are working hard to resolve, it is hoped that these can be overcome and the layout return to exhibition use again in some point the future


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